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Find Out What Your Favourite Big Brother Housemates Have Been Doing

With Big Brother set to return to our screens this June, we've been getting nostalgic. If you're like us and been wondering what ever happened to our favourite housemates since they left the BB House, keep scrolling. We've done all the stalking for you.

David Graham – Season 6

Who could forget the watershed moment when David Graham came out as a gay man on national TV? While it’s sad to think how controversial the then 26-year-old’s revelation was in 2006, the farmer’s bravery made important social impacts including sparking critical conversations. Farmer Dave quickly became a fan favourite and ended up coming third on the sixth season of the show.

Now 39, David is a professional animal behaviourist in Southwest Queensland. He formerly owned ‘Farmer Dave Dog Centre’, described as a Disneyland for Dogs. Unfortunately, Dave was forced to shut down the centre in 2017 and has since taken what he’s learnt on the road, sharing his knowledge nationally and around the world.

Dave is now a father to three beautiful girls, who live with their mothers interstate. While in the original agreement he made with the mothers, he was not going to be involved in the children’s lives, he is very close to his girls and sees them at least once a year.

Greg and David Matthew – The Logan Twins – Series 5

Big Brother got very tricky in series 6 of the show, recruiting twins to trick the housemates. Twin brother, Greg and David, were made to swap places on Big Brother’s command in a plot to convince the housemates they were one person, Logan (the boys’ middle name). While the trick only lasted around a week, it was enough to cement the boys as favourites, with the brothers walking away with the $836,000 prize.

Greg proved he was the smarter twin, investing his share of the prize into property in Newcastle. His portfolio boasts hotels and nightclubs including the King Street Hotel, the Argyle House and Greenroof Hotel. According to the Daily Mail, the 37-year-old is now believed to be worth a massive $10 million and was formerly married to Elle Australia’s Editor in Chief, Justine Cullen. The former couple share three kids together.

Less is known of brother David, who is also a dad now and thought to be living on the Gold Coast, running a plumbing company.

Reggie Bird – Season 3

The Tasmanian fish and chip show owner became a household name after winning the third season of Big Brother. Reggie’s unique voice and down-to-earth personality won Australia over, making her a household name.

Unfortunately, since leaving the reality show Reggie has experienced some misfortune. After paying off her house in Tassie with the $250,000 prize money, her marriage with Adrian broke down and she walked away with nothing. Reggie moved to Melbourne and became an air hostess for Virgin Airways. She then moved to the Gold Coast, where she remarried and had two kids, Mia (17) and Lucas (9). Sadly, her second marriage broke down and she now has shared custody of the kids with their father.

In between the moving and family dramas, Reggie has sadly been plagued with health problems. Just a year after appearing on Big Brother, she was diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. She has now lost 90 per cent of her vision and also has cataracts. Fortunately, sound ground breaking medical advancements has meant her eye specialist may be able to restore some of her sight. In 2018, she was diagnosed with a hole in her heart after suffering a small stroke at the call centre she works at. Reggie also revealed her son, Lucas, suffers from Cystic Fibrosis.

In happier news, we may see Reggie back on our screens this year, with the 46-year-old putting her hand up to appear on Goggle Box’s celebrity edition.

Sara-Marie Fedele – Season 1

Sara-Marie is arguably the most popular Big Brother contestant to ever grace our screens.

Despite being constantly up for eviction, the nation fell in love with the bum-dancing 22-year-old. Renowned for her bunny ears and pyjama combo, she was a true pioneer of the body positive movement in Australia.

After leaving the house after coming third in the inaugural Australian series, Sara-Marie moved to Sydney to try and make the most of her 15 minutes of fame. With the help of talent agent, Harry Miller, she released a pyjama line, wrote a top-selling book and had a bum dance music video in the top 10 on Video Hits. She also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and Series 2 of Dancing with the Stars in 2005.

However, since appearing on our televisions almost 20 years ago, the now 41-year-old’s life remains somewhat of a mystery. Without a social media account to her name, it’s hard to know exactly what she’s been up to. However, what we do know is she is now a mother to a five-year-old daughter, lives in Perth and is currently studying to be a teacher’s aid for children with special needs.

Chrissie Swan – Season 3

Chrissie was the loveable copywriter who was unapologetically herself in the third season of Big Brother. She won herself fans across the country, when she stood up to the bully of the house, Ben. The former copywriter finished second on the show, pipped at the post by fan favourite, Reggie.

After leaving the Big Brother House, Chrissie became a fixture on radio, as well as our TV screens. She’s hosted ‘The Circle’, ‘Can of Worms’, ‘The Great Australian Spelling Bee’, ‘Long Lost Families’ and even appeared on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’. Chrissie has even won a Loggie for Most Popular New Talent and caused controversy when she was nominated for a Gold Loggie in 2011. Basically, Eddie McGuire kicked up a stink about her nomination… Doesn’t sound like him.

The 46-year-old mother of three, is no longer a regular on our TV screens, choosing to focus on her family. However, you can still listen to her on Nova 100s’ breakfast show.


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