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Find Out What The Laguna Beach Cast Look Like 16 Years On

It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years since Laguna Beach hit our screens. It literally seems like yesterday that Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth were organising the ‘Black and White Affair’ high school party… fu*k we’re old.

The reality show was so popular it spawned its own spin off series, The Hills which made Lauren Conrad a star. While we watched them grow fro high schoo students into 20 somethings, it’s time to catch up on what they’re all doing now they’re in their 30s.

Lauren Conrad The first series of Laguna Beach followed the life of Lauren Conrad. According to producers they chose Lauren to base the first series around because she was the most relatable... as relatable as you can be living in a huge f**k off mansion by the beach.

Despite dropping out of her fashion degrees after one semester, Lauren went on to get a internship at Teen Vogue, which was documented on The Hills.

Since her time on The Hills Lauren wrote a popular series of books called L.A. Candy. She also released a successful clothing line for Kohl’s in 2014 and did further study into fashion.

While sadly things didn’t work between her and Stephen Colletti, Lauren did find love with lawyer and former Something Corporate band member William Tell. The couple welcomed their first son Liam in 2017 and second son Charlie in 2019.

Kristin Cavallari Kristin Cavallari has been in the spotlight recently, following the announcement of her divorce from husband Jay Cutler. The pair appeared on Kristin’s hit E! Show, Very Cavallari.

The couple share a son Jaxon and daughter, Saylor. Since appearing on Laguna Beach and The Hills, Kristin popped up on Season 13 of Dancing with the Stars.

Sadly, Kristin lost her brother in 2015 to extreme hypothermia. Stephen Colletti Stephen Colletti was the dreamboat of Laguna High. He was of course famously involved in a love triangle between Kristin and Lauren.

The last time we saw Stephen on Laguna Beach he'd left to attend San Francisco State University and then there was that time he popped up on an episode of The Hills and took Lauren out on a bizarre kind of date.

Since then he’s appeared on One Tree Hill as Chase Adams and has become besties with One Tree Hill star, James Lafferty. He’s also appeared in several small TV show and movies. After a quick stalk of Stephen's Insta account it appears he's single.

Lo Bosworth Lo was Lauren’s bestie who appeared in the first series of Laguna Beach. Apparently the two had a bit of a falling out after filming Laguna beach, which is why Lo only popped up again in series 2 of The Hills.

We’re not 100% sure, but we’re assuming their fight might have had something to do with Lo disliking Lauren’s then bestie Heidi Montague.

Lauren of course famously fell out with her co-star Heidi, following Heidi’s relationship with Spencer Pratt. Lo has gone on to create a self-care company called ‘Love Wellness.’ She was also rumoured to be dating Shark Tank contestant Jimmy DeCicco. Trey Phillips Trey was a bit of a background character as he wasn't involved in any romance on the show. However, he was very into fashion and even put on a fashion show during his time on Laguna Beach. Now, Trey works as an associate designer for Vera Wang. Trey is still close with Stephen.

Talan Torriero Talan was known as being quite popular with the ladies on Laguna Beach. That reputation appears to have followed him.

Since Laguna Beach he’s had some high profile relationships with with Rod Stewart's daughter, Kim Stewart and Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. Talan is now married to wife Danielle Zuroski.

The couple have a two year old son called Bronson. Talan now works at a digital marketing company.

Jason Wahler

Jason Wahler was the bad boy of Laguna Beach who ended up breaking Lauren's heart in The Hills.

After appearing on The Hills, Jason was arrested multiple times on alcohol-related charges. He spent time in rehab for alcohol addiction and seems to have come out the other side. He's been clean since 2018.

In 2014 he married wife Ashley Slack. The couple have a 3-year-old daughter called Delilah Ray. Recently Jason returned to MTV for the new show The Hills: New Beginnings.

Jessica Smith Jessica was best known for her friendship with Kristin and her relationship with Laguna bad boy Jason Wahler .

Despite being arrested in 2007 on a drink driving charge, Jessica has been out of the spotlight since.

She’s now married and has four children.

Alex Murrel Alex was another budding singer who released a single on the show called ‘Hello.’ She also dated Jason on the show, but things obviously didn’t turn out well.

Now, Alex is married to husband Kyle Johnson and has two children, Levi and Kate. She still lives in Laguna working in PR, and you’ll all be pleased to hear is still besties with Taylor Cole.

Alex Hooser Whilst she was best fiends with Kristin and Jessica on the show, it appears that friendship is well and truly over. According to online sources she attended the wedding of Alex Murrel, but doesn’t appear to be close with anybody else. She now lives in Hawaii and is married with two kids.


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