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English Youtuber Reveals How To Make Your Own McDonalds After Takeaway Store Was Closed in the UK

English Youtuber Anastasia Kingsnorth is bringing the absolute goods when it comes to iso entertainment. If you haven’t heard of Anastasia you need to check out her Youtube channel ASAP. The 19-year-old has over 1.13M subscribers and uploads food challenges, Vlogs, clothing hauls and candid chats with her hilarious mum. The teenager is most famous for her love of McDonalds, which has been closed in the UK due to Covid-19 restrictions. So what does one do when their favourite take-away shop is temporarily shutdown? They re-create their own.

Courtesy of Youtube Channel Anastasia Kingsnorth In her latest videos, Anastasia not only tackles the Big Mac meal but cooks up the KFC Zinger burger and we’re pretty impressed with the results.

Courtesy of Youtube Channel Anastasia Kingsnorth

Courtesy of Youtube Channel Anastasia Kingsnorth

Anastasia's videos provide all the juicy details of what goes into the Big Mac sauce and how to cook your own Kentucky fried chicken. The popular Youtuber's homemade McDonalds video has been viewed over 738k times.

To see the full video, follow the link below:


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