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Big Brother Just Revealed Latest Housemate... And You May Know Her

Big Brother Australia has just revealed details about this year’s oldest housemate, 61-year-old, Marissa Rancan. The typical Big Brother demographic will have never heard of her, but according to BB she was part of an aerobics duo who gained cult following in the 80’s.

In her teaser video, Marissa revealed she’s previously been a celebrity trainer and was one third of The Rancan Sisters, who were permanent fixtures on morning TV. “We were like a household name. We had a cult following and would train celebrities,” she said. While she may be BB’s oldest housemate, Marissa said she thinks her age will be an advantage.

“Life doesn’t stop at 60. I’ve had so many different obstacles and challenges my whole life. I’ve got nothing to prove,” she said.

“Underestimating me is a big mistake, I’m a dark horse. I’m going to play this game hard. I go 150% and I aim to win.” We reckon she’s going to be a breath of fresh air from the usual wannabe influencers who graces the BB house.


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