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Big Brother Confirms 'Hottest Housemate EVER' Is Entering The House...

Let’s be honest, there’s f**k all to watch on free-to-air TV with filming of The Bachelor put on hold and Married At First Sight wrapping up.

Well ladies...there will soon be a reason to switch off Netflix, with Big Brother answering all our reality TV prayers, with not just the return of the hit reality show, but the promise of some much needed eye candy.

Channel Seven have confirmed model, Chad Hurst, will be appearing on Big Brother and some are saying he's the hottest housemate EVER. We have to protest and say we think Blair Mcdonough was BB's hottest housemate... but we digress..

The 27-year-old model already has 100,000 followers and we’re expecting he’s going to get a shit tonne more once Big Brother airs in three weeks time. We think he knows this too as he's just popped his Insta on private...

Chad describes himself as a “model by career, tradie by heart” in his promo tape and has appeared inn Vogue Australia and GQ. When he’s not modelling, Chad say he works as a personal trainer in Bondi, and a roofer… so he’s a jack of all trades…

For the first time in the history of Big Brother Australia, the show was pre recorded and there’s already rumours flying of a romance between Chad and fellow housemate, Sophie Budack. Yesterday, Seven announced the 25-year-old former Olympic gymnast as its latest housemate.


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