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Big Brother Australia's Latest Housemates Revealed

Big Brother Australia has promised this year’s series will be like no other, with a different mix of contestants to previous years.

The hit show will return next month after a 6 year hiatus and four contestants have already been revealed. Speaking on The Morning Show last month, Big Brother host Sonia Krueger revealed the contestants range in age from 19 to 62. She also denied rumours an old housemate was set to return. “I did hear that rumour, and thought it was interesting, but it’s an all-new cast,” she said. The first housemate to be officially unveiled by Seven is mining electrician, Mat, from Broken Hill. The 30-year-old, who is currently engaged, has been pitted as a down-to-earth country boy who works at the local mine.

According to TV Blackbox, mummy blogger Zoe George will also be joining the house. Zoe is a mum of two who has 16.7k followers on Instagram. She describes herself on Instagram as 'subtle as a brick'.

The third known housemate is Daniel Gorringe who previously played for Carlton and the Gold Coast Suns in the AFL. The former footballer boasts over 70k followers on Instagram and while he hasn't been officially confirmed as a housemate, did not post a single Insta during the Big Brother filming period.

The fourth rumoured housemate is farmer, Ian from Western Australia. Little is know about Ian but it looks like Big Brother may be delivering on its promise of a diverse house.

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