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Belinda Chapple Just Dropped Some Juicy Details About A Bardot Comeback...

Former Bardot member Belinda Chapple has revealed the girl group may be set for a comeback. Talking on pop culture podcast, Outspoken, the talented singer divulged she, Katie Underwood and Tiffani Wood are in talks to potentially release a single. “I think there’s no reason why not.. I feel even if it’s just a new track. “We’re looking at it… put it that way,” she continued.

The news follows the 20th anniversary of Bardot's hit single 'Poison' going number one on the Australian music charts. Last month, Katie, Tiffani and Belinda celebrated the milestone with an amazing rendition of 'Poison' via Zoom.

Sadly, O.G members Sally Polihronas and Sophie Monk were not interested in being a part of the celebrations.

You can listen to the full chat with Belinda below, or download the podcast episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify:


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