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Bec Judd's Surprising Hoarding Confession

Bec Judd just proved she’s one of us… The KISS FM radio host admitted on air yesterday that she stocked up on Caramilk Easter eggs, rather than toilet paper during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I went and bought like 10 bags of the solid Caramilk eggs, which are the best. I’m still going through them every night,” Bec told her co-hosts.

Somehow, the 37-year-old still has five mini Easter eggs left, despite living in a house with her husband and four-kids… She must have some amazing hiding spots in that $7.3 million mansion.

Bec’s tip to prolonging the sweet treat is rationing out one Easter egg per night, alongside a cup of peppermint tea…. And she lost us again…. Those ten bags would’ve been destroyed by Easter Monday in my household.

Now, just when our craving for Caramilk eggs has hit an all-time high and they’ve been endorsed by the country’s number-one WAG, I have some devastating news for you… Not only have the eggs been discontinued but the Caramilk blocks too.

“I am devastated because they have replaced the Caramilk with the marble because I can’t find it,” Bec said.

Of course, Cadbury introduces one good thing and then they have to get rid of another…. Life is unfair.

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