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Bardot Reunite For 20th Anniversary of Poison And It Was Amazing

It’s the reunion we’ve all been waiting for. Australian girl group Bardot have reunited for their 20th anniversary on IGTV and it was what dreams are made of. If you went to school in the 90’s Bardot were your life. The band, which was formed on hit reality show Pop Stars, skyrocketed the careers of Sophie Monk, Katie Underwood, Belinda Chapple, Tiffani Wood and Sally Polihronas. On Friday, Underwood, Chapple and Wood got together virtually via Zoom and performed their most memorable track Poison, which topped the charts 20 years to the day. They shared the song on the group’s Instagram account to the delight of fans, captioning the post, ‘When a Zoom catch up ends in a song.’

Sadly, notable absentees were Monk and Polihronas. It’s understood the pair had a falling out with the remaining Bardot alumni.

A quick peek at the BadotOffical_ Instagram account reveals both Monk and Polihronas are not following the account and are also not followed by the account. Underwood also took to Instagram, to share her excitement at the group's milestone. Her choice of photo, which cropped out Monk and Polihronas, all but confirmed we won’t be seeing all five women get back together anytime soon. “Sadly two of our other group members did not share the same nostalgia that we do – and that’s ok. Maybe some day that will change,” Underwood wrote on Instagram last week.

Despite the sad absentees, Underwood, Chapple and Wood pulled off an amazing rendition of Poison and all looked like they haven't aged a day since their time on Popstars.


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