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Are Harry and Francesca From Too Hot To Handle Really Engaged Or Was It All A Publicity Stunt?

In last night’s Too Hot To Handle reunion episode Harry Jowsey popped the question to Francesca Farago...or so we’re led to believe.

Due to current travel restriction Harry and Francesca are of course apart, with Australian born Harry currently residing down under and Francesca in the US.

During the Zoom reunion, Harry pulled out a blue Ring Pop and said: "Francesca, I'm on one knee. I bought you a Ring Pop,"

"You've absolutely changed my life. I love you so much, I can't wait to spend forever with you. Do you want to do this thing? Do you want to get married?"

Francesca excitedly responded: “Harry knows I want to marry him so, yes, of course!"

The big question is was it a real proposal? We’re a bit iffy on whether it was all a publicity stunt, as the couple are yet to confirm the news on their Instagram accounts.

The alleged engagement also comes just days after news broke Harry had a secret girlfriend following filming of THTH.

Other rumours suggest the couple were actually engaged before the reunion episode and it was all for show, which would make a lot more sense.

However, if it’s all true we wish the happy couple nothing but the best. Who would have thought a long lasting relationship would come from such a tacky dating show?


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