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Aaron Carter's Turmoil Over Face Tattoo Mistake

It has taken a very messy breakup for Aaron Carter to realise getting his then girlfriend’s name tattooed on his face was a mistake… I could’ve told him that for free.

During a podcast interview with ‘Hollywood Raw’, the 32-year-old did not hold back, slamming his pregnant ex Melaine Martin. When asked about the 'Melanie' tattoo above his eyebrow he corrected the interviewers. “That says ‘mistake’, that’s not Melanie,” he said.

Photo from Aaron Carter's Instagram

Not only did the ‘I want Candy’ singer blamed Melanie for being disingenuous but he cast double on whether he is the father of their unborn child… OUCH.

When asked if the pair was done as a couple, Carter replied: “The definition of insanity. Am I upset? Of course. Do I feel taken advantage of? Of course. I felt like I was with someone that didn’t look me in the eyes.”

Melanie and Aaron in happier times. Photo from Aaron Carter's Instagram.

The controversial star also accused Melanie of ‘doing things behind his back that she shouldn’t be doing and making promises she couldn’t keep.’

Aaron’s responses caused the podcast hosts to ask if he was worried about the baby’s paternity and his response is brutal.

“What do you think? Well, that answer should give you an inkling,” he said.

The former couple split a week after sharing their pregnancy news on Instagram Live on April 21.

Just three weeks earlier, Melaine was arrested for investigation of domestic violence assault after an alleged incident with Aaron at his Lancaster home.

To make this mess even worse, Carter has already moved on with new girlfriend Viktoria Alexeeva, even making it Instagram official.

Photo from Aaron Carter's Instagram


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