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A Definitive Ranking of 90’s Lunch Box Snacks

1 - Best - Roll-Ups

Despite my mother refusing to ever send me to school with one of these bad boys in my lunch box, the legendary status of the Roll-Up is undeniable. The flat, sticky sheet of ‘fruit’ came in a variety of flavours and claimed to be healthy, despite being pumped with copious amounts of sugar. Not only was it delicious, but it was fun to eat. We all know that one person who used to eat their Roll-Up by wrapping it around their finger… While without a doubt there are lunch box snacks that taste better, it’s what the snack represents that has earnt it top spot. Having the all illusive Roll-Up in your lunchbox made you the envy of all your friends. It took your poor, pathetic lunch box, to an all new level.

(Credit Woolworths)

2 - Dunkaroos

Dunkaroos should be named a national treasure. Made by Nestle, the sugar-laden mini cookies shaped like Kangaroos, were dunked into a hazelnut spread, reminiscent of Nutella. It was a mix of your guilty pleasures all in one.

(Credit Good Morning America)

3 - Samboy

Samboy chips come in at number three, because they were the staple of any good Aussie kid‘s lunch box in the 90’s. While you may not have been allowed to have a Roll-Up or Dunkaroo, chances are mum buckled at a package of chips. The small packets, (which wouldn’t touch the sides now) were just the right size for our kid-sized hands and managed to fill us up. The holy grail of the mini-sized chip packets was of course Samboy which was packaged with flavour. Smith’s came in a close second because they came with a Tazo.

(Credit Woolworths)

4 - Ghost drop

Ghost Drops may be a controversial choice at number four because technically they don’t really classify as a lunch box food. At my school, the daring kids would sneak to the corner store to pick some up, or a number of the less popular kids would use them as a bartering tool to try and form friendships. (Sad but true!) The hard boiled lollies would change the colour of your tongue, with the blue flavour the most sought after.

(Credit Ebay)

5 - Mamee Monster Noodle Snacks

Whilst to the naked eye, they were just a packet of dried, salted noodles and a flavour sachet, Mamee Monster Noodles were so much more. There was just something so comforting about crunching into the crispy noodle snack coated with salty chicken-flavoured seasoning. In recent years there has been dispute over the correct way to eat them. While general consensus is that you are supposed to crumble the whole square up inside the bag, mix the flavour in and then pour it into your mouth, some animals have been taking the noodle square out of the bag and eating it like a sandwich…. The mind boggles.

(Credit Amazon)

6 - Yogo

Who doesn’t fondly remember the cartoon Gorilla who kept saving the world from running out of flavoured yoghurt!? I definitely do. The Aussie dessert snack comes in a yoghurt tub filled with chocolate yoghurt or custard and sealed with a plastic lid. Yogo Mix’s were another level, with one half filled with custard and the other half overflowing with M&Ms.

(Credit Woolworths)

7 - Le Snack

The popular lunch box filler was made up of three tiny biscuits and the stingiest serve of cheese. While the cheese in Le Snacks was elite and the biscuits melted in your mouth, they never satisfied your hunger cravings.

(Credit Happy Fresh)

8 - Worst - Bega Stringer I have reserved last spot for Bega Stringers, because despite being fun to eat, they tasted like plastic. The cheese sticks, graced out TV screens, singing ‘string me, stretch me any way you want me.’

(Credit Bega)


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